Guidance For Orders Of Protections And Protection From Abuse

“Orders of Protection” and “Protection from Abuse Orders” safeguard people from their abusers in Missouri and Kansas. At Fisher Law LLC, we guide our clients through filing these orders and defend their rights in hearings. Our Kansas City law firm can help you file an order and stop abuse from a spouse, family member, roommate, romantic partner or stranger.

What Are Order Of Protections And Protections From Abuse?

Restraining orders give victims of abuse more rights and the ability to have abusers arrested if they break the order. Abuse can include physical attacks, verbal assault, withholding basic necessities and isolating the abuse victims from others. Missouri calls the restraining order an Order of Protection – Adult. Kansas refers to the petition as a Protection from Abuse Order.

These restraining orders can include many provisions, including:

  • No contact provision: Prevents the abuser from contacting or disturbing a victim in person or through digital means
  • Peaceful contact provision: Allows the abuser to peacefully communicate with a victim for limited reasons such as childcare and visitation
  • Move out provision: Requires an abuser to move out of a shared home
  • Firearms provision: The abuser must surrender any guns, and they are not able to buy a firearm
  • Counseling provision: Orders the abuser to psychological counseling such as anger management
  • Attorney fees and court costs: The abuser must pay the victim's legal fees

These orders can last anywhere from six months to a year, and the court can renew an order before it ends. Violating an order of protection can result in felony, misdemeanor, contempt of court and/or domestic violence charges.

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