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Same Sex Divorce

Kansas City Same Sex Divorce Attorney

Same-sex couples are being awarded more and more rights today with the push for them to be viewed equally under the law. This means that there is also an increase in the legal issues that can arise in regards to them, including difficulty obtaining or going through a same sex divorce.

Trouble Getting a Divorce

Due to the many different states that recognize gay marriage, and the ones that do not, there are several very serious legal issues that can arise in a same-sex marriage relationship. For example, if a same-sex couple is married in a state that recognizes gay marriage, but then they move to another state where their marriage is not recognized, then the relationship legally ends. The major problem here is that they cannot get a same sex divorce if they wish for it.

If you have moved to a state that does not recognize gay marriage and you want a divorce, the state will not grant it to you. Consequently, the state that you were married in will likely not grant you a divorce either because they will only grant divorces to current residents of that state. This can be an extremely difficult and stressful situation for those who wish to end their marriage relationship. If you are in this position then you will greatly benefit from the legal aid of a Kansas City divorce attorney from Fisher Law LLC.

Our firm is dedicated to helping those who wish to end their marriage relationship, and to make the process as comprehensive as possible in the area of child custody and asset division among many others. If you are facing legal issues and obstacles regarding your same-sex marriage or your desire for divorce, then our firm can help you. You will be able to discuss your case with us and we will be able to advise you of your options and to counsel you as to the best action for you to take.