Kansas City Divorce Attorney Tips for a More Amicable Divorce

The Kansas City Divorce Attorneys at Fisher Law LLC, we know that divorce is never easy, and that even those who seek out the divorce often experience stress, sadness, or even depression. It is difficult to end any long-term relationship, especially if you share children. Unfortunately, many divorces are bitter and contentious, with fights and disagreements about everything from dividing up property and assets to who will have custody of the children. As experienced Kansas City divorce attorneys, we have a few tips and suggestions that may help you experience a more peaceful, amicable end to the relationship.

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Concerns Regarding Child Support in Kansas City and Missouri

In Missouri, both parents essentially “support” their child or children, considering that non-custodial parents are often required to pay child support, while the custodial parent supports the children in a more direct way. However, if you are in the process of divorcing, already divorced, or separated as unmarried parents of a biological child/children, you may have questions and concerns that need to be addressed. Below we have provided some information regarding child support we believe will be helpful.

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