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There are many cases where an individual may incur a very large amount of debt, student loans, house loans and other kinds of loans can generally accumulate and result in a very large sum that an individual must pay back. By the same token, there are many ways for an individual to accumulate great wealth, whether through long hours and careful savings, or through a high risk stock or bond or another reason. A prenuptial agreement can benefit both spouses and is a good option to discuss prior to entering into marriage.

Who should have a prenup?

An individual with significantly more assets or wealth than the person that they are considering marrying should carefully assess the benefit of a prenuptial agreement. An individual with little or no debt who is marrying a person with significant debt should also consider the benefits and protection of a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is a document that protects one person’s assets from being divided and/or it protects them from incurring their spouse’s debt in the chance of a divorce.

If you are in any situation where a divorce and division of assets or debt could alter your future, or drastically affect your net-worth then you will benefit from the legal aid of discussing your case with an attorney from our firm. Both sides can be protected through an agreement and in many situations establishing these guidelines before marriage can open up the gates for communication. It also gives a clearer picture for what both parties expect.

Establishing Guidelines

Agreements have varying guidelines but they can be formatted to meet the needs of a couple. Some may think they always rule in favor of the wealthier individual but the government looks to protect both parties and tries to ensure that the less financially stable party is not taken advantage of. In order to be passed and upheld by the court the agreement must demonstrate that it is fair to both sides.

Prenuptial agreements will take place prior to a marriage, but for those that have entered into a marriage without establishing some form of an agreement, changes can still be made through a postnuptial agreement. It is important to work with a professional when formulating a prenuptial agreement so that the terms of it are satisfactory and also stand a better chance of being upheld by a judge, but in many situations, a couple that entered into a relationship hopeful will recognize areas of their lives that may be further enhanced through having some form of legal outlines developed.

At Fisher Law LLC our firm is dedicated to the wellbeing of our clients. We believe in the value of one-on-one personal service as well as specific tailoring of a litigation strategy to fit their needs and desires. Each of our clients have goals that they wish to accomplish in a divorce case or family law matter, in addition to obtaining a favorable outcome, our goal is to meet the desires of our clients.

Postnuptial Agreements

Benefits of a Postnuptial Agreement

A postnuptial agreement is a document that addresses the issue of a couple’s assets in the case of divorce. Unlike a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement is a contract that is drawn up and signed after a couple is married. This document can do many things, namely it can protect you from any debt that your spouse incurs in the new business that they are starting, for example. In the case of divorce, the couple’s assets and debts are divided, a postnuptial agreement can protect you from incurring debt, and/or it can protect your hard earned assets in the possibility of divorce.

If you have begun a lucrative business, or your spouse has incurred serious amounts of debt, then you may want to speak with a Kansas City divorce attorney from our firm. This representative will be able to discuss postnuptial agreements with you and advise you as to how it will benefit you in the case of divorce. While it is not always the case that divorce will occur, it can become a very serious issue in some scenarios where high volumes of debt or assets are involved.

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At Fisher Law LLC our firm is dedicated to helping our clients through extensive one-on-one personal service and through advice and counsel as to your best options. We are intent on seeing your goals and desires met in any case you may have. If you are considering a postnuptial agreement, then you will benefit from the aid of our legal team. We will be able to advise you as to what assets you should consider and any other issues in your case that you may want to address.

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