Kansas City Guardianship Attorney

Divorce can be a very difficult process; this process is made much more complicated when children are involved. When there are complications in a marriage or relationship, there are options available that may be explored to help relieve a difficult situation. One of these is the possibility of guardianship. This individual makes decisions for those that are unable to make decisions for themselves. A guardian may be established by the court or may be requested in a legal document and the authority they have may vary from case to case.

Why establish a guardian?

It can be used in a divorce case in regards to children. It may be someone that is given some form of say in the life of the child. It can be a family member, such as a grandparent, or other appointed person. They may be established as the head over the child when the parents are not in a position to make a call or they may be put in a temporary authority while a divorce is resolved. Each situation is unique and there is no across the board reason for why individuals may choose to establish a guardian.

In the case of domestic violence, custody of your children can be a highly contested issue. The issue of a legal guardian for your child is one option that may be a good idea to consider in some situations. If you and your children are the victims of domestic abuse, and there are other serious circumstances present, then you may want to consider a temporary or permanent legal guardian for the well-being of your child.

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At Fisher Law LLC our firm is dedicated to serving those who are going through the process of divorce as well as many other family law issues. We have many years of experience in serving the Kansas City and surrounding areas, and we have a history of success with our client’s cases. Additionally, we place a high value on excellent client service; we believe that in order to build a strong case, we must know the client and their desires very well. If you are considering divorce or legal guardianship for your child, then you will benefit from the aid of our firm.

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