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How does divorce work?

If you have been served divorce papers then you may be feeling stress and anxiety about facing the divorce process and the many issues that will arise. One major tendency under stress is for people to have a “get it over with” mentality. This could be very detrimental to your future if you rush the process. During this time, you will need to keep a clear head and think rationally in order to best prepare for your future.

What needs to be decided upon in a divorce?

One issue to resolve in divorce is that of property division. Depending on how many years you have been married, whether a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement is involved and how valuable your assets are to you could all be factors that make a difficult situation even harder. It is vital that you have the legal aid of a Kansas City divorce attorney from Fisher Law LLC on your side to help you through this difficult process and to defend you against unjust demands from any other party involved. Additionally, a representative from our firm will be able to counsel you as to the best options for you and your future, and what areas not to compromise in.

Child custody can also be a difficult process. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the divorce, you may not want your significant other to have custody at all of your children. If this is the case, then you will also need to address the issue of child support and maybe even spousal support. There are many potential circumstances surrounding divorce that can make these issues vital to the safety and well-being of your children. This is an area that should not be compromised in, and you should seek legal aid from one of our representatives.

Fisher Law LLC is a skilled and experienced divorce law firm that has been serving the Kansas City and surrounding areas for many years. Our firm has been founded on the principles of client service and excellence in handling your cases. We have a history of success, our firm has received awards for our skill and education, and we have many satisfied clients. It is inadvisable to attempt to resolve any of these issues on your own, divorce can become extremely hostile very fast, and in this case, you will greatly benefit from the aid of a member of our legal team on your side. Whether you have been served divorce papers, or you are considering separation, then our firm can help you.

Kansas City High Net-Worth Divorce Attorney

Asset Protection During the Divorce Process

Divorce is rarely “easy” on anyone, and when the spouses are wealthy, the stakes are higher and the parties stand to lose substantially more in a contested divorce. While the majority of divorces are uncontested and settle without court intervention, divorces involving large estates, professional licenses, and sizeable assets are more inclined to encounter legal conflicts, especially in the absence of a premarital agreement.

At Fisher Law LLC, our Kansas City divorce lawyers have extensive experience representing high net-worth individuals in their divorce proceedings. You can look to our professional accomplishments to affirm why we are the firm to trust with your complex divorce case:

  • Attorney Fisher has been named one of the “Best Lawyers in Kansas City” by the Best of the Bar.
  • We are often asked to impart our legal knowledge to other attorneys. We often act as presenters at legal education conferences.
  • Attorney Fisher is an adjunct professor at the Kansas City School of Law!
  • Each of our attorneys have years of legal experience handling cases in Missouri and Kansas.

When Negotiations Fail

It is considered ideal for a couple to reach a fair settlement agreement with the assistance of their respective attorneys. Generally, the court will accept whatever agreement that is reached by the spouses, unless it is very obvious that one of the spouses is walking away with the lion’s share.

If the parties cannot work together to settle their property disputes, the court will divide the property based on a number of factors designed to render an equitable result.

Contact a Kansas City Divorce Attorney

High net-worth divorce cases often involve scores of moveable assets, real estate, inheritances, business assets, investments, retirement accounts, and foreign assets. Ultimately, whether or not you end up in court depends upon you and your spouse.

We understand that divorce is often a painful process, and emotions can run high when they’re motivated by feelings of anger, bitterness, betrayal, and sadness. While we recommend remaining rational as you attempt to avoid litigation, we also know that not all litigation can be avoided.

Our goal is to be your greatest legal advocates, to protect your rights to your valuable assets, and to help you reach an amicable, yet highly satisfactory divorce settlement. In the event that litigation cannot be avoided, we stand ready to fully prepare you and to provide the necessary expertise to effectuate the best possible results in your divorce case. Schedule a consultation with a skilled and caring member of our team today!

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