Child Support

Kansas City Child Support Attorney

If you are facing issues of child support, or another divorce matter, then you will greatly benefit from the legal aid of a Kansas City divorce attorney from Fisher Law LLC. Our firm has been dedicated to serving those who face these different divorce issues for many years and we can provide you with sound legal advice as well as zealous representation of your case in court. If your child support payments are outrageously high, or if you are not receiving adequate child support payments, then do not hesitate to seek the legal aid of a representative from our firm.

What is child support?

Child support is a means for the custodial parent to care for their children in the case of a divorce or separation of marriage. Generally, in the case of sole custody, one parent will make monetary monthly payments to the custodial parent in order to provide them with means to pay for the financial needs of their children. There are several issues that can arise in child support scenarios, one of which is an outrageous demand for payment. Sometimes a spouse will try to retaliate against their ex by requesting that the court increase the child support payment requirements.

Fisher Law LLC is a firm dedicated to serving those who are not being treated justly in various divorce issues. You have legal rights, and these rights must be defended and upheld when they are not adhered to by those who are affected. Our firm can help by representing your case in court, and helping to build a case that may cause a judge to impose stricter regulations for your child support matters.

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