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Experienced Mediation Services

Every family encounters deep disagreements sooner or later, but not every dispute can or should be resolved in the same way. Informal negotiation can bring a solution to some disagreements, while others require drawn-out litigation.

Fortunately for those whose legal disputes fall somewhere in between these extreme ends, there is a middle ground: mediation can be used to resolve a legal conflict with a lawyer's experience and insight while avoiding the stress and expense of litigation.

Legal Resolutions Without The Stress

At Fisher Law LLC, we can mediate the conversation required to work through a legal conflict with your spouse, ex-spouse or other family member.

Mediation can take many forms, but the underlying service we provide is to serve as a medium through which to communicate with the other party and his or her attorney and seek a compromise, free of the emotions that might interfere with such a conversation when both parties are sitting in the same room.

Work With A Kansas City Mediation Attorney

Every legal conflict deserves its own unique solution. When mediation has the potential to help resolve a dispute, we stand ready to represent you and help move the conversation forward. We will help be the voice of reason as you proceed through this process.

Our goal is to be your legal advocate, protect your rights, and help you reach a satisfactory outcome in your dispute while avoiding litigation, and maintaining an amicable relationship with the other party whenever possible. In the event that litigation cannot be avoided, we stand ready to fully prepare you and to provide the necessary expertise to effectuate the best possible results in your divorce case. Schedule a consultation with a skilled and caring member of our team today!

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